The Little Mermaid themed Birthday Party!


Just came back from Disney World and had to hurry up and get everything ready for Princess Ella’s party! She wanted a Little Mermaiad themed Birthday Party. Thankfully, I got quite of bit of the party stuff together, before we went on our trip. Her party was held at our local splash pad. I think it was the perfect place for a Little Mermaid themed party!  

Let’s start with the food! 

Here are some Sebastian Sandwhiches (turkey and cheese croissants), with some Peanut Butter and Jellyfish snacdwhiches. I decided to go with the Smuckers uncrustables. They keep the bugs out, plus, they are super delicious! 


As you can see, I had to add some dinglehoppers! I jazzed up the table with some shells that I pained with some blue glitter nail polish, blue marbles, and Little mermaid candies. 

  Here are some yummy candy crabs that are protecting one of the fruit trays. I saw this somewhere on Pinterest, and thought I could make this much easier. It was quite the hit!

   We had a Fish & Chips bowl, with Ruffles Chips and Gold Fish. Also had another fruit bowl that included apples, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, and pineapples. 

Here’s the cake! I had our local grocery store make it. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to look, but I’m happy with it. I added the figurines and candles. The sand part was made out of crumbled cake. It was super yummy!!

Here are some of the beverages. We had Sea Water (regular water bottles with a custom water bottle wrap), and Mermaid Juice ( Capri Suns). We also had a cooler full of sodas for those that want something other than water.

Here are the party favors, Mermaid treasures! They are recycled diaper wipe containers. I sprayed painted them silver, added kids names, glitter, and a custom Thank You message. I wish that I would have put on the labels, I treasure your friendship, and Thank you for coming to my party! Unfortunately, I put something else, and didn’t think of this witty saying, till afterwards. 

Here is one of the treasure boxes for the girls. I made non toxic sand and filled the container about halfway. I then dropped some blue marbles in the sand and topped it off with some chocolate coins, Little Mermaid candies, beaded necklaces, sunglasses, rubber squirt sea creatures, jeweled rings, and a Little Mermaid tattoo. 

This is one of the boys treasure boxes. I included non toxic sand, chocolate coins, rubber squirt sea creatures, eye patch, and a glow in the dark Triton!

On top of all of this, the kids were given water boasters, glitter wands, and bubble wands. 


I think the Birthday girl approves!


I made this photo prop for the kids to be mermaids and take pics with. Even the boys had a blast taking pics with this! I really wanted everyone to be mermaids and thought that this would be a great idea!  

All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself! The party was a hit and now I’m trying to think what I’m going to do next year! 


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